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Workplace Health & Safety

4 Workplace Safety Statistics You Need to Know

Workplace safety is all about sending your employees home safe and sound every day. When reviewing the OSHA construction “fatal four” workplace safety statistics it’s evident we must do more to prevent both fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Workplace Health & Safety

582 workers’ lives would be saved annually by just eliminating these “fatal four” related deaths:

  1. 5% of deaths are due to being caught in between
  2. 7% of deaths are due to electrocution
  3. 8% of deaths are due to being struck by an object
  4. 39% of deaths are due to falls

Whether you are in construction, energy, manufacturing, transportation, delivery services, etc. OSHA has provided a very clear process to help prevent injuries and illnesses:

  1. Preserve and document the scene
  2. Collect information
  3. Determine the root cause
  4. Implement corrective action

Key to prevention is a company’s ability to capture information in real-time at the source, integrate the data with other company systems, provide timely reporting for root cause analysis and quickly deploy or change processes when implementing corrective action.

The JSA Apps Advantage: Implementing Mobile Job Safety Applications

MobileFrame has found that taking the proper job safety analysis steps (as recommended by OSHA) and digitizing the job safety analysis form or job safety analysis worksheet with JSA apps provides companies with significant benefits such as:

  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduction in total case incident rates
  • One-time data entry of all forms (e.g., workplace incident report form, incident reporting template, etc.)
  • Real-time management reporting & understanding of what’s happening in your workplace with immediate access to incident reports
  • Reduced insurance premiums, fine & penalty mitigation, minimized time away from job, elimination of paper forms and streamlined processes

MobileFrame Delivers

MobileFrame has helped over 2,000 companies digitize and mobilize their processes allowing companies to make better strategic decisions by:

  1. Capturing and collecting information once at the source of data creation
  2. Generating reporting based on trusted data easily integrated with back-end systems
  3. Quickly and easily Implementing effective and efficient mobile processes

One of our favorite client workplace safety quotes is from Danny Murrow, a Sumter Utilities Manager:

“The work we’ve done with MobileFrame’s platform ensures our employees go home to their families safely each night. This can be a dangerous industry, but we’re leading the way to reduce risk every day.”

Call us today at (408) 885-1200 to schedule a 15 minute demo and learn we can help you send your workers home safe every night.

Workplace Safety Quotes & Safety Message

Ultimately, regardless of a company’s technology it ultimately comes down to a workers’ understanding and compliance with workplace safety policies and procedures. We’ve found that consistent communications coupled with the right technologies and practices make for a much safer workplace. We’ve put together the following workplace safety quotes to help you keep safety top of mind for your employees, please share.

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