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D’Arrigo Bros. Purchases MobileFrame for Agricultural Field Force Automation

MobileFrame announces that D’Arrigo Bros. Co., of California, widely recognized for their commercially branded ‘Andy Boy’ agricultural products, has chosen to standardize on MobileFrame to deploy and manage apps for their agricultural operations.  D’Arrigo has a rich history as an industry trend-setter. From the day the company was founded by Stephen and Andrew D’Arrigo, two immigrants from Messina, Sicily, innovation has been its hallmark. The company’s Andy Boy products have benefited from a long heritage of excellence in everything from seed research and development to entirely new approaches like packaging, packing, and even shipping. Customers like Tanimura & Antle have had MobileFrame’s mobile app development platform deployed since 2013, so selecting our mobile app development platform for agriculture was an easy choice for D’Arrigo.

With almost 2,000 employees, D’Arrigo’s retail, food-service and wholesale customers are also working with other departments to bring healthful products to families across North America and throughout the world.  Andy Boy Broccoli, Broccoli Rabe, Cauliflower, Fennel, Romaine Hearts, Cactus Pears and Nopalitos, developed, grown, packed and shipped from D’Arrigo California represent just some of their greatest achievements.

D’Arrigo’s mission to develop strategies that enable them to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to inspire a healthy lifestyle, and their vision to implement solutions and sustainable farming to enhance the communities they serve, made implementing MobileFrame’s agricultural solutions an easy path to choose. They wanted a single platform to be able to write apps for years to come. Their team had already been utilizing mobile apps from RFGen, Appenate and some custom-coded running on rugged Windows Mobile devices; D’Arrigo was looking for a no-code platform they could use as a standard across the enterprise on any device (iOS, Android, Windows, or the web). The first app they are writing will track each field worker’s exercise routine and timekeeping records.  Previously they collected this data on paper, so someone has to manually file the forms. By the end of the week the forms were dirty and often got lost. Now, the data is stored electronically and they plan to output PDF reports to their document management system, providing the company with legal liability protection. They plan to create several more apps once this one is complete, including vehicle inspections, and real-time web-based reporting for customers and management (all fully-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics).

MobileFrame’s platform will allow D’Arrigo to automate all of their paper-based processes on a single, fully-integrated mobility platform.  With integrated intelligent networking, prioritized synchronization, remote device configuration and management, military grade security and remote software updates all built-in to one software platform, MobileFrame significantly streamlines  app development, deployment, and administration.  MobileFrame’s no-code development approach and cross-platform support of Android, iOS, Windows and the web provide the ability to write one app for all devices. Data collected in the field is stored on handheld devices and automatically synchronized to D’Arrigo’s back office.

“We love it when our software becomes an industry standard,” said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO. “Our agricultural produce customers understand how much labor and care goes into their products since it shows up on their customers tables. They appreciate that MobileFrame provides a software solution that also reflects that same degree of care and commitment to excellence.”

About D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California offers strategies and solutions to its customers in everything from seed research and development, food safety and sustainability, to entirely new approaches to packaging, harvesting and shipping. The company’s commercial brand, Andy Boy, is known for signature products like Broccoli Rabe, Fennel and Romaine Hearts. D’Arrigo California grows not only conventional and organic products, but also provides services that include cross docking, consolidation, custom growing and commercial cooling programs.  For more information about D’Arrigo California, please visit

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