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Edlund Company Opens the Lid on Inventory Tracking with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (August 15, 2011) – MobileFrame LLC Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Enterprise Software Solutions, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, announces that Edlund Company, the recognized leader in the manufacture of commercial can openers and can opening systems, has selected MobileFrame to automate their inventory tracking data collection.

Edlund Company is responsible for developing and manufacturing innovative, operator-oriented stainless steel equipment for harsh food service environments. To keep track of all of the equipment and parts used, Edlund conducts a two-day physical inventory cycle count at the end of each fiscal year. These cycle counts were very time consuming and burned a lot of unnecessary labor hours. In fact, the process required up to five employees who spent the bulk of two full days keypunching and reconciling the data. This left a lot of room for human error, which Edlund has been constantly battling for over 10 years.

Edlund Company decided that they could become much more efficient with an inventory tracking application that could be customized to their exact requirements. After evaluating many different prebuilt inventory solutions, Edlund selected MobileFrame’s Mobile Application platform due to its ease of use and built-in complete management system.

MobileFrame significantly streamlined Edlund Company’s inventory tracking application development and deployment. The application allows employees to scan the location and item number, then  enter the quantity of items in record time. The data is then automatically inserted into their Oracle 11G database backend system.

Validation logic is built into MobileFrame’s inventory tracking application to alert the employee if there is a  5% or greater variance during the inventory count. If a variance occurs, the employee performs a recount to ensure that their physical count is completely accurate. Since Edlund does a lot of weight counts for smaller parts, this validation is very important.

Edlund has received a significant ROI since implementing MobileFrame’s solution. Edlund benefited immediately from labor cost savings. An added benefit is that Edlund is now able to allocate their employees to jobs more efficiently  during their yearly inventory counts.

Businesses today are looking for customizable solutions to meet their mobile needs. And, the solution must be quick to deploy, reasonably priced and robust enough to meet the changing requirements of a competitive market. That’s a tall order but MobileFrame’s solution more than meets the challenge. MobileFrame’s mobile application development platform allows Edlund Company a quick and easy implementation as well as the ability to customize their apps for both current and future requirements. MobileFrame’s integration with Edlund’s backend database gives their mobile workforce current data at their fingertips when they’re in the field while at the same time updating the management team with up to the minute information about field activities. MobileFrame’s Enterprise Mobility Solution delivers a practical and sustainable solution for any customer with mobile workers in the field.

“ Edlund’s employees can now be more productive and their assets are better managed with MobileFrame. This ensures that inspections and maintenance take place at the appropriate times, extending the lifecycle of major capital assets and providing insight into theft and turnover of smaller, more portable assets”.

-Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO

About Edlund Company

The newest acquisition in the Ali Family of Companies, EDLUND Company has been the recognized leader in the manufacture of commercial can openers and can opening systems for over 87 years. From the simplest manual opener to high speed customized systems that will wash, dry, open, dump, rinse and crush almost any size can, EDLUND can provide the perfect solution and deliver it almost anywhere in the world. As an innovative manufacturer of high quality smallwares and light equipment for Foodservice, EDLUND has been voted “Best in Class” by operators, distributors and consultants 7 years in a row. With manufacturing facilities in Vermont, USA, and distribution centers in Vermont, USA, Belgium and Hong Kong.

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