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Hydromax built 150 apps in a single year using MobileFrame's mobile app development platform

Hydromax USA Deploys 150+ Custom Apps in Just Over a Year

With just 2 developers using MobileFrame’s Mobile App Development Platform, Hydromax USA was able to create & deploy 150+ cross-platform apps from scratch,  digitally transforming their entire business.

MobileFrame today announced that Hydromax USA (HUSA), a leading professional services firm specializing in assessment of the condition of water, sewer and natural gas conveyance systems, successfully used MobileFrame to deploy over 150 custom apps across the enterprise. HUSA has continually delivered enhancements to their app portfolio over the past 3 years to meet the evolving needs of their business.

Hydromax USA is an independent professional services firm that provides accurate and easily interpreted data that empowers contractors, engineers and utility owner to make the right decisions regarding their buried infrastructure. Over the years, HUSA has grown dramatically after expanding its portfolio into Gas and Water.  With over 400 field personnel supporting various engineering, contractor, and municipal clients across the US and internationally, HUSA’s growth created serious challenges in collecting, managing and distributing the data that is at the heart of its business. In addition, HUSA needed to track 60,000,000 feet of natural gas leak survey work, manage daily production reporting, ensure safety standards, conduct skill evaluations, track fleet maintenance, and integrate all of that data into multiple back office systems. In the past, this was all handled using spreadsheets and manual data entry.

With data being at the core of HUSA’s business, they needed the right data to be easily accessible to everyone who needed it at all times.  Hydromax USA selected MobileFrame’s mobile app development platform to power their digital transformation and deliver custom mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows and the web.  MobileFrame’s code-free approach to app development allowed HUSA’s two in-house developers to create, deploy and fine tune over 150 custom apps over the past 3 years.

“MobileFrame has allowed us to spin up new projects, faster, with more accurate data collection, and with way less overhead for managing large teams. We’ve streamlined our business processes with mobile apps that use complex business logic, leverage our existing datasets, and eliminate user errors,” said David Stiger, Director of Gas Solutions at Hydromax USA. “We’ve deployed over 150 apps from scratch, eliminated hundreds of spreadsheets, centralized vital business intelligence, and turned unwieldy business intelligence into query-able datasets. MobileFrame’s solution has made our jobs easier and our world more organized.”

Apps deployed by HUSA include:  asset tracking, repair orders & management, quality inspections, resource planning, inventory management, equipment service requirements, leak survey audits & plat tracking, vehicle inspections, warranty tracking, productivity tracking, meeting summaries, gas leak surveys, repair cost tracking, equipment availability, asset custody, job activity tracking, scheduling & dispatch, and 130+ more.

As a result, Hydromax consistently achieves an annual savings of $225,000 per year just from eliminating the need for full-time data entry clerks.  In addition, HUSA’s data is now digitized end-to-end, stored accurately, and available in real-time, saving HUSA countless hours that would previously have been spent searching for relevant data.

“Hydromax USA’s ability to rapidly deploy over 150 sophisticated enterprise applications across their organization, both in the field and back office, that are fully integrated to their ERP systems like Esri’s GIS Mapping Software is a testament to the revolutionary capabilities of our no-code approach”, said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO. “This is a great example of how our customers harness the power of our app development platform to transform their business and digitize their enterprise from top to bottom.”

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