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Indianapolis Power and Light Puts a Lid on their Manhole Inspections Issues with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (June, 14, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom enterprise mobile apps, announces that Indianapolis Power and Light has chosen MobileFrame’s application to eliminate the paper forms used for manhole inspections.

IPL is a leading provider of electric services to more than 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis and other central Indiana communities.  IPL needed to eliminate the paper forms used for manhole inspections, increase efficiencies and to make their data easily accessible to regulatory agencies. Because the software is specifically designed for mobility and fully customizable, IPL knew that MobileFrame would be a perfect fit.

Since manholes are considered the windows to the condition of America’s pipelines as well as a critical access point for storm water runoff and pollutants, it is very important to maintain their structural integrity. Proactive manhole assessment is a key component of any collection system asset management program. IPL found out that using a clipboard and paper to collect data, then having to aggregate hundreds of paper forms to prioritize rehabilitation was very inefficient. This is when MobileFrame stepped in.

MobileFrame’s mobile inspection application allows IPL to perform more manhole inspections on a regular basis, allowing them to better determine if there are areas of exposure. The accuracy gained from MobileFrame’s app will enable IPL to avoid future fines while guaranteeing safety around these manholes.

Some key benefits of MobileFrame’s software include:

  • GPS. The availability of GPS data and geographic information system (GIS) maps have enabled much greater precision as to how IPL can locate, identify and network together their manholes for inspections.
  • Safety inspections. IPL is able to avoid fines associated with manhole inspections while insuring safety.
  • Improved Productivity. The elimination of paper forms frees time for IPL’s workers to complete more mission critical tasks per day – time is no longer wasted on administrative paperwork.
  • Fewer data errors. By no longer handwriting data then re-entering it into computers, the errors inherent to manual data entry are eliminated and data integrity is improved.
  • And much more….

Businesses today are pressed to do more with fewer resources and capital expenditures are more closely reviewed than ever.  In this environment, it’s paramount that every dollar invested in new technology drives a return that is measured in days, not months or years.  MobileFrame’s patented technology solves these problems head–on.  With the ability to adapt quickly and literally deploy overnight, no other mobility platform provides such accelerated deployment of fully-integrated custom mobile applications.  MobileFrame accepts challenges to create custom applications live and deploy them over the air in real-time every day.  With its flexibility and ease of use, MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software has allowed Indianapolis Power and Light to deploy their manhole inspection application and make changes as needed, without time-consuming and expensive development efforts.

“With MobileFrame, IPL can have completely custom mobile applications with no custom programming and, as their requirements change over time, they can easily make changes to their applications and deploy them to the field in record time”.

-Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO

About Indianapolis Power and Light

IPL provides retail electric service to more than 470,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Indianapolis and other central Indiana communities. Since the company’s creation in 1926, IPL’s people have been committed to being the best in the industry. IPL continues to safely deliver low-cost electricity and great service, with current residential and commercial rates that are well below industry averages and customer service ratings that are among the best. The company and its people continue the tradition of supporting not-for-profits, community organizations and civic initiatives. As one of the area’s leading employers, IPL has sponsored major local events, led the way on economic development initiatives and supported city beautification and environmental efforts. IPL is a part of The AES Corporation, whose global workforce of 30,000 people is committed to operational excellence and meeting the world’s growing power needs. To learn more, visit:

About MobileFrame

MobileFrame is the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software that requires no coding or programming to create, deploy and remotely manage sophisticated mobile applications. With secure SOX compliant instant messaging, remote device control, configuration and management, intelligent networking, remote software updates, prioritized synchronization, automatic device driver recognition and loading all built-in, MobileFrame’s platform significantly streamlines mobile application development, deployment, and administration. MobileFrame eliminates custom programming through an intuitive, user-friendly point-and-click graphical user interface, enabling novice computer users to quickly create and deploy custom mobile applications tailored to their business.

MobileFrame’s award-winning mobility platform is an entirely self-contained mobility solution that provides full functionality out-of-the-box, with no custom programming, no third-party mobile gateways, synchronization engines or SDK’s required. MobileFrame’s software allows users to capture photographs, voice notes, documents, templates, logos, sketches, digital signatures, bar code scans, magnetic strip read outs, RFID tags, advanced algorithmic functions, and attach them directly into their mobile applications. Applications are stored in a library so administrators can quickly make changes whenever operational requirements change, enabling on-the-spot deployment of a wide variety of mobile applications.

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