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Interstates Selects MobileFrame to Power its Mobile Strategy

We’ve very proud to announce that Interstates, an award-winning industrial electrical & controls provider, has selected MobileFrame to power its mobile strategy. Our code-free apps will be supporting their “zero-error” critical field service systems.

For over sixty years, Interstates has provided award-winning industrial electrical & control solutions for clients nationwide and internationally. They offer a wide range of complete of field service-intensive services, including electrical construction and engineering, control system design and programming, instrumentation, UL panel design & fabrication and electrical prefabrication.

The objective for Interstates’ mobile initiative was to automate a long list of time intensive and inefficient processes across the company that would result in a “zero-error” data collection scenario. The Interstates team had many apps they wanted to deploy, some of which included work orders and the ability to audit them, quality assurance checks, safety inspections, and engineering field testing. One of the highest priorities was to create apps to track details specific to motor installations. The apps had to be flexible enough to be designed around Interstates’ custom requirements because every installation consists of multiple motors with differing horsepower outputs, each with different grounding and wiring requirements.

“We selected MobileFrame for a few reasons; ability to bring SQL data offline to iPads and sync changes, ease and speed of app creation, and ability to easily integrate data from our other systems. Because of this, our mobile strategy was up and running within a few months putting the right data in the hands of our people where the work is being done, whether or not we have an internet connection.” – ” Lowell Dykstra, Director of Innovation at Interstates


The Interstates team did a thorough evaluation of the major competitors in the mobile industry with specific requirements in mind. The ability for the vendor to seamlessly integrate to their backend systems was an absolute must because they want to use field data to drive real-time business decisions. And, because they have a wide variety of device types already used in the field, they knew they needed a provider who offered cross-platform support. The team carefully considered all options from custom coding, to low-code SDKs and MobileFrame’s no-code platform. Interstates needed a mobile platform that they could standardize on to develop all apps for all departments, so MobileFrame’s no-coding approach was the perfect fit.

“We’re excited to work with Interstates and support them in their delivery of mission critical infrastructure. Interstates is a great example of how modernizing field service processes and systems can revolutionize our customer’s business.” – Patricia Oswalt, Executive Vice President of MobileFrame

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