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MobileFrame Announces No-Code Mobile App Development Platform Release 6.7.2

MobileFrame, creators of the only code-free mobile application development platform, today announced the availability of MobileFrame 6.7.2, pushing MobileFrame further ahead in no-code mobile computing. New Capabilities in MobileFrame 6.7.2 make it easier to develop and manage cross-platform apps to digitally transform even the most complex enterprise. Our unlimited point and click configurability to mobilize any backend systems enable digital transformation across multiple departments on one fully integrated platform.

This month MobileFrame celebrates our 20th anniversary and we’re thrilled with the mobile technological advances we’ve made over our long lasting 20 year heritage.  We continue to provide our customers and network of over 450 partners world-wide with a leading edge, no-code mobile platform that delivers on the promise of driving real business value.

MobileFrame can push apps live and make changes live to the devices in our customers pockets.  We have incredible integration technology, a complete enterprise data mapping engine, highly scalable sync with data compression, our own MDM and IM together with encryption end to end.  We have a patent on Invisible Two Factor Authentication that is also built-in to our product.  MobileFrame is installed in some of the largest mobile projects in the world and can deploy in all languages simultaneously (fully Unicode-double byte compliant).

Version 6.7.2 has been released with a number of improvements to make your life easier and the apps you build better. Some of the key items in this release are:

  1. New feature: customize the UI of the MobileFrame Desktop (including presets like Dark Mode). The Desktop UI components have been completely revamped and new visual options have been added to the My Preferences screen that provides complete customization of the colors and icons used in the Desktop. The default installation includes several presets we’ve created so you can find a look that best suits you.
  2. Updated device options in the Test Site & device presets in the Screen Designer to utilize with your selected themes.
  3. Thin Client Server: Updated the mobile browser and desktop browser tags to better identify mobile and desktop browsers.
  4. Enhanced Send Email workflow (to, from, cc, bcc, and subject fields) to append more items.
  5. Performance improvements and other advanced enhancements to facilitate the no-code paradigm. For a full list, you can check the release notes via the Help Menu in the MobileFrame Desktop.

“Market research states that the Low-Code Development Platform Market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 31.1% during the forecast period (2020–2030). While most if not all competitors’ platforms are simply incapable of being completely no-code for advanced levels of complexity and sophistication, MobileFrame looks forward to continuing to lead the no-code mobile computing industry for the next 20 years,” said Lonny Oswalt, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MobileFrame. “The innovation in our release of version 6.7.2 is one more step towards our no-code digital transformation supremacy across all industries and verticals.”

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MobileFrame is the only code-free mobile application development platform that enables customers to deploy and manage sophisticated native, web or hybrid applications across iOS, Android and Windows based operating systems. Powered by MobileFrame’s code free “write once, deploy anywhere” mobile platform approach, enterprises can design, build, configure, test and manage custom apps across the enterprise from a single platform with no coding required.  Every feature required for a successful enterprise class deployment is built-in, including mobile application development, mobile device management, military grade security, advanced data compression/synchronization, enterprise middleware data mapping, project administration and GPS tracking. MobileFrame also provides a suite of ready-to-run apps for every industry that can be easily tailored to meet any requirement. For more info, please visit Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. 101 Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032  |  (408) 885-1200  |