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MobileFrame Awarded Patent for Revolutionary Advancement in Secure Access Technology, ‘Invisible’ Two Factor User Authentication

MobileFrame, creators of the industry’s only true code-free mobile application development platform, today announced that the United States Patent Office has granted MobileFrame patent US 9,954,827 for its method of Invisibile Two-Factor User Authentication. This patent signifies the new state of the art when it comes to user authentication and can immediately be applied to existing two factor authentication use cases with zero setup (i.e., configuration-free).  

An organization’s intellectual property (IP) can easily exceed the value of its physical assets. The first line of defense in protecting that IP is ensuring the identity of those accessing critical business systems and data, regardless of whether those systems are on premise, on the network or in the cloud.

At the same time, the rigors of securing access to sensitive corporate data cannot impede the work being done. In today’s business setting, that often means granting access and delivering sensitive data across networks, including a myriad of enterprise connected mobile devices and interconnected backend systems.

The challenge of managing potentially unlimited identities while providing access to sensitive data that exists on premise, in networks and in the cloud could easily create unmanageable friction, as well as liabilities that could severely impact business operations. To meet this challenge, MobileFrame has been awarded a patent for a new paradigm in two factor authentication – one specifically tailored to a hyper-connected world and the hybrid nature of systems that support it, entitled “Invisible Two Factor Authentication” or I2FA.

“This patent is an incredibly important milestone in the quest to protect intellectual property and sensitive data against cyber-attack and unauthorized access”, said Lonny Oswalt, CEO of MobileFrame. “This innovation will provide organizations worldwide an authentication experience that is as business-friendly as it is secure.”

I2FA describes a methodology for two or more devices or systems to securely communicate with each other without requiring additional configuration, administration, all of which is invisible to users. I2FA locks down conventional user authentication registrations, making them less susceptible to “piggy back” hacking.

The uses cases for Invisible Two Factor User Authentication spans all market segments of business and Information Technology, including:

  • Cloud Based Apps
  • M2M (Machine To Machine) Apps
  • B2B Apps
  • Device Authentications
  • User Registrations
  • E-Commerce Transactions/Confirmations
  • Money Transfer Validations
  • Marketing/Couponing/Engagements
  • B2C Apps
  • Customer Portals
  • MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) With Biometrics
  • Internet of Things with Multi Factor Authentication
  • File Hosting Services (ex, Dropbox, Box)
  • Federal Government Websites and Contractors (Mandatory Two-factor Authentication)

I2FA is available for implementation in your business today.  For more information please visit

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