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Ohio Thrift Stores automates their Merchandise Inventory Management & E-Commerce Operations

MobileFrame announces that Ohio Thrift Stores, Inc. has chosen MobileFrame to deploy and manage apps for automation of their merchandise inventory management and e-commerce operations.  MobileFrame’s platform approach was a perfect fit for Ohio Thrift because they simply did not have the time or resources required by other providers with ‘code-centric’ solutions.

Ohio Thrift has completely automated their two-step merchandise inventory to e-commerce process. A tag is generated with a SKU number, and then they use a MobileFrame mobile app running on iOS devices to fill out the info and post the item to their e-commerce site. Prior to MobileFrame, their app interface was indirect for some parts (sub menu navigation for core pieces) which slowed down their turnaround time. With MobileFrame the entire process, including combining the printing and information capture is automated into a single program. Since MobileFrame makes use of a SQL database it also has provided Ohio Thrift a means to create internal reporting for their production processes as well.

Ohio Thrift was quick to recognize that MobileFrame enabled apps to be created, managed and deployed instantaneously. Everything needed for their mobile project was built-in, including mobile device management, synchronization, instant messaging, middleware enterprise data mapping, integration wizards, server management, code-free app authoring and much more. Other solution providers required long term coding projects with elements that had to be cobbled together to obtain a complete solution. Ohio Thrift also liked MobileFrame’s cross-platform support of Android, iOS, Windows and the web.  The ability to write one app for all devices using a single, integrated no-code platform provides Ohio Thrift future proofing for their project.

“Helping businesses achieve sustainability and profitability is especially rewarding when it involves helping do good things for the community,” said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO. “We’re pleased we could provide Ohio Thrift Stores with a world class mobile app development platform that not only meets all their current needs, but also future proofs them against evolving technological advances in the mobile space at a very affordable price point that makes sense for their business. It’s a total win-win.”

About Ohio Thrift, Inc.

Ohio Thrift is a for-profit organization which has been serving Central Ohio since the late 80’s. Their dedication to provide quality goods and services has enabled them to be a leader in their industry. Ohio Thrift obtains its merchandise from non-profit organizations, brokers, liquidations and buy-outs. They also buy directly from manufacturers, allowing them to offer the best prices and discounts to the public. Ohio Thrift has been able to provide non-profit organizations with much needed funds, while continuing to pay all local, state and federal taxes applicable to for profit entities. Furthermore, their constant strive to better our environment has resulted in Ohio Thrift becoming a major center for recycling of rags and other materials with a production of approximately 4 million pounds per year.

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