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Performance Food Group Feeds Their Appetite for Success with MobileFrame’s Tracking App

Los Gatos, CA (February 3, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, announces that Performance Food Group (PFG), deliverers of food and food-related products to more than 130,000 independent and national chain restaurants, has chosen MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application TM  solution to track Warewash equipment, complete service calls and give the executive management team the knowledge of where the equipment is being used.  The Warewash equipment they need to track includes coffee pots, dishwashers and parts, dispensing equipment etc.

Performance Food Group is one of the nation’s leading foodservice distributors, delivering food and food-related products to more than 41,000 restaurants and institutions across the United States. The company distributes a broad array of national proprietary brand food and related products, including baked goods, seafood, choice cut USDA meats, condiments and cleaning supplies. PFG supplies more than 68,000 products to restaurants, hotels and other hospitality operators through roughly 20 distribution facilities.

Although the company had a solution in place, they began evaluating other products that would provide more flexibility and eliminate some performance issues. They wanted a solution with a fail proof sync engine and one that could be configured to sync at their selected time intervals without the mobile worker taking any action. Another key requirement was the ability to work in a disconnected state since they have workers who do not always have network connectivity.  The configurability of the MobileFrame platform meant that they can easily make changes to their apps with no programming required without paying a vendor for the changes. And the best part of all is that they can deploy an unlimited number of applications for any department and any requirement.

With MobileFrame, PFG has seen many key benefits that contribute to a higher ROI, including:

  • Real-time knowledge of where the equipment is being used
  • A competitive edge from saving time and money
  • Fewer data errors by eliminating re-entry of handwritten data
  • No more expensive and timely support calls to the contractor
  • And much more…

Businesses today are pressed to do more with fewer resources and capital expenditures are more closely reviewed than ever.  In this environment, it’s paramount that every dollar invested in new technology drives a return that is measured in days, not months or years.  MobileFrame’s patented technology addresses that need head–on.  With the ability to adapt quickly and deploy literally overnight, no other mobility platform provides such accelerated deployment of fully-integrated custom mobile applications.  MobileFrame accepts challenges to create custom applications live and deploy them over the air in real-time every day.  With its flexibility and ease of use, MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software has allowed Performance Food Group to deploy their asset and inventory tracking application and make changes as needed, without time-consuming and expensive development efforts.

“Performance Food Group needed to find a system that can run on the laptops they currently own, be able to sync as needed throughout the day and maintain database integrity when there is no cell service in their area. For these needs, MobileFrame was the perfect fit”.

-Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO

About Performance Food Group

As the parent company to a leading family of foodservice distributors, Performance Food Group delivers food and food-related products to more than 130,000 independent and national chain restaurants, quick-service eateries, pizzerias, theaters, schools, hotels, healthcare facilities and other institutions across the United States through its four business divisions -PERFORMANCE Foodservice, ROMA Food, Vistar and Customized. Altogether, PFG’s family of distributors offers synergies that give customers the best variety in choice of high quality products and the strength of industry-wide relationships to better serve its customers. To learn more, visit:

About MobileFrame

MobileFrame is the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software that requires no coding or programming to create, deploy and remotely manage sophisticated mobile applications. With secure SOX compliant instant messaging, remote device control, configuration and management, intelligent networking, remote software updates, prioritized synchronization, automatic device driver recognition and loading all built-in, MobileFrame’s platform significantly streamlines mobile application development, deployment, and administration. MobileFrame eliminates custom programming through an intuitive, user-friendly point-and-click graphical user interface, enabling novice computer users to quickly create and deploy custom mobile applications tailored to their business.

MobileFrame’s award-winning mobility platform is an entirely self-contained mobility solution that provides full functionality out-of-the-box, with no custom programming, no third-party mobile gateways, synchronization engines or SDK’s required. MobileFrame’s software allows users to capture photographs, voice notes, documents, templates, logos, sketches, digital signatures, bar code scans, magnetic strip read outs, RFID tags, advanced algorithmic functions, and attach them directly into their mobile applications. Applications are stored in a library so administrators can quickly make changes whenever operational requirements change, enabling on-the-spot deployment of a wide variety of mobile applications.

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