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Revere Copper Products Inc. Purchases MobileFrame to Automate their Manufacturing Operations

MobileFrame, creators of the industry’s most advanced code-free mobile application development platform announces that Revere Copper Products, Inc. has chosen the MobileFrame Business Suite to deploy and manage apps for automation of their manufacturing operations.  Revere Copper Products, one of the finest copper manufacturers in the world, tasked ISG Technologies with assisting them to find a mobility solution that would allow Revere to deploy multiple apps across all their manufacturing operations. ISG introduced MobileFrame after reviewing all the mobile application development platform providers in the marketplace. MobileFrame’s platform approach was a perfect fit for Revere because they simply did not have the time or resources required of other providers solutions.

The first ever demonstration of MobileFrame’s software for Revere was performed on an AWS cloud based server, where app changes were pushed down live to devices in their management’s hands – that’s simply the day in, day out capability provided with MobileFrame’s code-free mobile computing technology.  Revere had many apps in mind for our platform, but their highest priority was a survey app for spot checking status on employee progress on the manufacturing floor, which needed to be integrated with their AS 400 backend system.

Revere quickly recognized that MobileFrame enabled apps to be created, managed and deployed instantaneously. An added benefit was that everything needed for their mobile project was built-in, including mobile device management, synchronization, instant messaging, middleware enterprise data mapping, integration wizards, server management, code-free app authoring and much more. Other solution providers required long term coding projects with elements that had to be cobbled together to obtain a complete solution. Revere also liked MobileFrame’s cross-platform support of Android, iOS, Windows and the web.  The ability to write one app for all devices using a single, integrated no-code platform was instrumental considering Revere had such a long list of apps to deploy.

“Many of MobileFrame’s customers have deployed hundreds of apps in automating all facets of their business.  Our software is utilized by forward looking companies in every industry and vertical imaginable.  Code-free mobile computing is what we have done for over 18 years now,” said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO. “Our customers are enjoying the benefits of focusing on improving their business and customer service, instead of the distractions required by coding projects; with MobileFrame their apps are created from scratch and deployed from start to finish without compiling a single line of code. That’s powerful ROI.”

About Revere Copper Products, Inc.

Revere began its “Lean” journey in the early 2000’s.  The journey involved implementing a manufacturing system based on manufacturing principles that were developed by Toyota during their dramatic rise to automotive manufacturing prominence.  This system focuses on the relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste and continuous improvement to increase value to our customers.  We have re-designed our manufacturing processes and trained our employees  to incorporate “Lean” tools such as accelerated improvement workshops, 5s events, mistake-proofing, value stream map analysis, visual controls, “pull” metal flow systems and inventory control.  This effort has resulted in a measureable increase in the percentage of value-added tasks we perform.  Since this “Lean” journey never ends, we have created a fulltime team of “Lean Leaders” trained in the use of “Lean” tools.   As we rotate new employees through the “Lean” team we are guaranteed that the improvement efforts continue.  For more information about Revere Copper Products, Inc.’s success, please visit:

About MobileFrame

MobileFrame is the only code-free mobile application development platform that enables customers to deploy and manage sophisticated native, web or hybrid applications across iOS, Android and Windows based operating systems. Powered by MobileFrame’s code free smart architecture, enterprises can design, build, configure, test and manage custom apps across the enterprise from a single solution with no coding required.  Every feature required for a successful enterprise-class deployment is built-in, including rapid mobile application development, device management, military-grade security, project administration and GPS tracking. MobileFrame also provides a suite of ready-to-run apps for every industry that can be easily tailored to meet any requirement. For more info, please visit Or follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.  To learn more about MobileFrame’s mobile application development platform, please visit