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Sightpath Medical – Inventory Tracking Solution

Sightpath-MedicalSightpath Medical™ is the leading provider of mobile and fixed ophthalmic surgical solutions; available on demand when and where they are needed. The company provides simple, affordable ophthalmic surgical solutions for mobile refractive and cataract outsourcing. Nobody has a better reputation for its advanced technology, skilled ophthalmic technicians, personalized solutions and responsive support, which is just one of the reasons why Sightpath turned to MobileFrame when it was time to improve their operational efficiencies.

The company’s field technicians are responsible for assisting eye surgeons who are located in both rural and urban communities around the country. The Sightpath technicians are also geographically dispersed and don’t always have easy access to company locations to replenish their inventory. Instead, the technicians are sent shipments of inventory required for their upcoming surgery cases. In the past, each technician was required to manually enter data about the shipments received and inventory used every day into their business system. Tracking the movement of inventory and replenishing the technicians supply was always a complex process handled with a lot of manual data entry, human error and telephone calls to the office. As a result, the field service team had to spend a large portion of their time managing the manual processes instead of focusing on their customers.


Management’s goal was to implement a mobile solution to help their field service team become more efficient, improve the company’s customer service levels and drive business process innovation. Sightpath wanted to avoid mobile solutions that require a team of programmers to write separate code for each operating system and device used in the field. After an exhaustive evaluation of all of the mobility providers in the industry, Sightpath standardized on MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Platform for the conception, development and management of their mobile enterprise applications. MobileFrame’s “write once, deploy anywhere” approach to mobility allows customers to deploy applications in less time and with less effort than any other application development tool on the market.


The MobileFrame Solution

MobileFrame is the leading mobile ERP platform that enables customers to deploy native, web or hybrid applications across iOS, Android and Windows operating systems without writing separate apps for each operating system. Powered by MobileFrame’s patented, configurable mobile platform enterprises can design, build, configure, test and manage custom apps for any requirement with no coding required. Every feature required for a successful enterprise class deployment is built-in, including application development, device management, military grade security, project administration and GPS tracking. MobileFrame also provides a suite of ready-to-run apps for every industry that can be easily tailored to meet any requirement.


For enterprises with extensive field service operations, mobility can lead directly to greater profitability and happier customers. Devices, operating systems, development tools and user experience design styles all change very rapidly in the mobile industry, creating a constantly moving target so a strong, innovative approach to enterprise mobility requires the use of the best software available. MobileFrame delivered a real-time, fully automated application that was customized to Sightpath’s specific requirements that has provided the following features and benefits:


  • Technicians now track shipments received, inventory used and place replenishment orders on their iPads.
  • The efficiencies gained in the first year alone have more than paid for the software.
  • Technicians have more time and now assist surgeons in roughly 10 procedures every day
  • Management now tracks inventory used at over 80 surgery centers in real-time.
  • The user-friendly app allows the techs to effectively manage the inventory on their vehicle without wasting time doing manual data entry.
  • Management now has an accurate insight into the field’s activities, allowing them to make better business decisions based on up-to-the-minute data.

The system has made everyone’s jobs easier, not just the technicians in the field and the ability to reconcile inventory in real-time has led to greatly improved efficiencies for the entire company. In today’s environment most innovative companies are supporting their field service workforces with powerful mobility systems. For enterprises with extensive field service operations, mobility can lead directly to greater profitability and happier customers. When supported with the right mobile devices, device management, security, real-time connectivity and powerful applications, mobile workers can be transformed into professionals who are able to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while delivering incremental sales revenues.