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Innovation not Replication: Give the Enterprise Freedom of Choice

Over the past several months we have been working very closely with a large Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution company that has been in the process of evaluating different mobile software vendors to replace their legacy route accounting system.

They are interested in not only replacing their existing system but they also wanted to find a single platform to provide the ability to build, deploy, manage, and support all of their mobile application needs.

After we showed them our pre-built Direct Store Delivery Apps, and conducted a demonstration of our platform.  Including building a completely new application, deploying it to a Windows Mobile Handheld, Windows Desktop, iPhone 4, and displaying the collected data and photos via the web all with them watching the development live. When we finished the Director of IT was so excited he said “you have found a way to innovate, not just replicate, what every other software vendor does”

The problem with many DSD solutions is that they can’t be customized easily for the customer’s own requirements without paying the vendor a fortune. And, what happens when a driver goes to deliver their product and the cooler is

broken? Our solution has a built in work order app so a technician can be dispatched to do the repair. We also offer apps for asset tracking and for conducting merchandising activities. Our suite of apps is integrated together so you can automate your entire enterprise.

We love showing how easy it is to build, deploy, manage, and support mobile applications using MobileFrame. If you would like to schedule a personalized demo immediately, please click here to schedule a demonstration.