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B & R Dairy Equipment, Inc. Standardizes on MobileFrame’s Mobile Application Platform

B&R Door LogoLos Gatos, CA (November 13, 2013) – MobileFrame LLC, the industry leading cross platform mobile application development platform, announces that B & R Dairy Equipment, Inc. has standardized on MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application™ Platform for a wide variety of mobile applications across the enterprise.

B & R Dairy Equipment was founded in 1980, with headquarters located in South Central Minnesota offering services and solutions to help dairy farms to produce and harvest quality milk. B & R Dairy provides equipment, services, chemicals, and supplies and they needed help to keep a tighter control over their inventory.

Although B & R had already attempted to go mobile using another solution provider ultimately the effort failed when the solution did not provide the means to integrate with their existing ERP solution and validate data as it was being entered electronically. This created problems ensuring inventory accuracy and created a bottleneck since data had to be manually entered into their ERP solution. This time around B & R Dairy Equipment, Inc. decided to utilize the MobileFrame Platform to facilitate the accurate collection of data out in the field and push data into their back-office solution seamlessly. MobileFrame provides management and key stakeholders with a 360 degree view of data, and allowing them to make better decisions in real-time.
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Innovation not Replication: Give the Enterprise Freedom of Choice

Over the past several months we have been working very closely with a large Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution company that has been in the process of evaluating different mobile software vendors to replace their legacy route accounting system.

They are interested in not only replacing their existing system but they also wanted to find a single platform to provide the ability to build, deploy, manage, and support all of their mobile application needs.
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