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Mobile Technology Returns – What about Increased Revenue?

Here at MobileFrame we work with many different kinds of organizations looking to take advantages of the benefits of going mobile.  Most of these companies are searching for ways to reduce costs. This is very similar to the customer that I described a few weeks ago that was looking to eliminate the paper process from his organization (click Here to read the Article).    Many times these companies overlook the fact that going mobile will also lead to significantly increased revenues.

I remember working with a group that services automobiles out in the field. They initially were looking for ways to increase their cash flows, while eliminating the need to hand enter data back at the office.  They were also losing precious time out in the field

Here is where they were losing time every day:

  • Technicians drove to the office to pick up their daily work orders
  • After completing a work order, the techs had to call the office to see if their schedule had changed
  • Every day they had to fight traffic to turn in the completed work orders

Through the implementation of a mobile work order system this group was able to

  • Dispatch work orders electronically
  • Communicate in real time via Instant Messaging
  • Synchronize work orders back into their accounting system in real time

This technology enabled them to not only increase their cash flows, but also save 1 hour of productive revenue generating time per technician daily.

Here is an example:

1 Mobile Technician x 5 Additional Work Orders per Week x $200 Avg. Revenue

= $1000.00 Additional revenue per technician per week!

That is $52,000 in Additional Revenue per technician per Year!

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