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Mobile Work Order / Dispatch System – Created in 1.5 hours by Me!

Here’s round 2 on creating a mobile application and this time instead of a real time meal order taking application, I’ve created a simple Work Order System that includes a Dispatch app and a handheld app. They were both built using MobileFrame and completed in under 2 hours.

Here are the 2 Parts:

  1. Desktop based Work Order Dispatch Application
    • Easily Enter
      • Customer Name
      • Address, City, State, Zip
      • Problem Description
      • Quoted Price
      • Technician Dispatched
      • Customer Number
    • Instantly dispatch the Work Order to the mobile worker you specified
    • Notify the mobile worker with an instant message that they have a new work order
  1. Windows Mobile 6.1 Based Work Order Application
    • Receives the dispatched work order
    • Allows the Mobile Worker to Select the Job
    • Automatically notifies the Dispatcher that the Job has been Accepted via Instant Messenger
    • Provides the Mobile Worker the ability to Invoice the customer for parts used on the job (Including the ability to barcode scan the part)
    • Enter resolution
    • Take Photo of the issue
    • Annotate the photo that was taken with damaged areas, etc
    • Sketch Damage
    • Capture a Voice Note
    • Collect Payment
    • Capture Customer Signature
    • Instantly Create a PDF of the Invoice that was autopopulated with the data collected on the device, then emailed it to the client

In case you don’t believe me take a look at the video of the application below.  Mobile Applications and Desktop applications couldn’t be any easier to develop, manage, and support in MobileFrame.  If you are interested in learning more contact us today!

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