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Customer Challenge Accepted: Cash Pickup Confirmation

I was talking to a potential client today that saw the challenge we offered on the website, and asked that we take a look at his mobile problem to see if we could offer up a solution. Here’s a summary of how we solved the problem:

Company Description and Business Problem:

  • Company Type: Parking Company
  • Mobile Workers: 45
  • Pieces of Paper per Driver per Day: 10
  • Paper Process: Recording Cash Pickups from Various Locations along a route. Must record the amount of Cash Collected, and Location Information.
  • Business Problem: Verification that the cash picked up (typically $10,000 – $15,000 / day) makes its way back to the office and into the bank without any being “borrowed”, ideally with real time status updates.

Solution Description:

  • Associate barcodes with the physical pickup location. Attach the barcodes to the machines used for collecting the cash
  • Mobile Worker scans the Asset Barcode when he arrives at the stop
  • Mobile worker enters the cash amount collected
  • MobileFrame software automatically captures GPS coordinates along with date/time stamp.
  • The GPS Coordinates, Date / Time, Cash Amount, and Location Information would be loaded into a GRID
  • An Instant Notification is then sent back to the office to notify management that the cash had been collected
  • In the office the Manager can watch the Mobile Workers on a map via real time GPS data. Workers can also be tracked against the static asset locations loaded onto the map

Upon presenting this to the customer 1.5 hours after receiving the paper form, needless to say he was very impressed.  If you are interested in learning more about our 100% Code Free development Environment, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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