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Customer Challenge Accepted – Collecting Weather Information Automatically

This week we were visiting with a prospective client who collects soil samples out in the field. In addition to collecting a wide variety of different types of measurements related to the soil, they also need to collect information about the current weather. This weather data ideally is then saved along with the soil sample data. Apparently the lack of a standardized method for collecting and saving this information has lead to significant challenges for both the customers of this company as well as the office staff.
Here’s a look at what was going on:

1. Engineers were guessing what the weather conditions were, which was leading to inaccurate data collected. In turn, this inaccurate data was provided to customers.

2. Engineers with smart phones were checking the weather online, but many times they would get the weather for the wrong location. This also lead to inaccurate data.

3. Other engineers were completely ignoring the collection of this information and were sending the forms back to the office with these fields blank. Since this information is required the back office staff would go online and see what the weather was for that particular day. Unfortunately because they have no way of accurately determining what the time was when the soil sample was collected, you guessed it, inaccurate data was being collected.

Good thing for the client that they heard about the “MobileFrame Application Challenge”! They called and described their situation to us and we were able to create the app in less than an hour. We gave them a demo the very same day, which solved all of their issues. If you are interested in learning more about how MobileFrame can help you overcome your field data collection challenges, please contact us today.

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